The Skye Guide is an independent and personal view of the Isle of Skye. The things that are included in the guide are here because I like them - and because I think you might too.  If something is not included, it may be because I would not recommend it to you, but it may be simply that I have not experienced it.

I am happy with that ambiguity...


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Edinbane Pottery


The pottery at Edinbane produces and sells high quality, handcrafted pottery. It really is wonderful stuff, and I've probably got rather too much of it around my own house.  I particularly like the “Len’s Slap Dash” design, but have a look at the range and make up your own mind. I'd be very surprised if you can't find something you like here.

 The pottery is easy to find. It is well signed from the main Portree to Dunvegan road at Edinbane (NG344508).

See thier own website at